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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Life is going to be different
after this parting.
The moment is full of that realization
but one last time an effort is spared
to hold the present a little longer,
in an attempt to escape the threatening anticipations.

However much I try, the tension does not let go of me.
I guess it is the same with you too;
only time will let me confirm.
I cannot let go of the fear and anticipation
of parting that could turn out to be final.
I try to hold on to the moment and
make an earnest attempt to enjoy and preserve
the warmth and passion of these precious moments.
I realize my failure, though I manage to hold back
my anxieties and fears and put up a brave front,
boldly receiving and bestowing the parting kiss.

The terror and agony of the moment far exceeds the pleasure
and sense of belonging this clasp and kiss impart.
I shudder and freeze inwardly
and choke back and smother the cries
that wriggle to break free, be let loose.
The burning and tearing shake me up
like wild fire and thunderstorm.

The moment you release the tight grip
that holds me up close to you
I know the world will change around me.
Life will not be the same until you return to me safe
and grab me once again in that
intimate, tight embrace, kissing me
in that familiar way, reassuring me
that nothing has changed between us,
our world remains intact .
Inspired by picture prompt at http://creativewriting.ie/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/prompt-2.jpg


Jose Varghese said...
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Jose Varghese said...

Very powerful thoughts that accompany the image. But this poem can be poignant on its own as well. Congratulations for another wonderful poem.

Minu said...

Thanks a lot. I gain confidence when you comment on my writings.