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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The solitary Traveller

I like solitary travels despite the prospects of danger,

boredom, and everything else it entails.

I look around and find elements that arouse my curiosity.

I love to watch the scenes before they escape my view.

I greedily look out and feast on the view outside.

I don’t miss the lonely kite flying freely in the air,

tossing and turning yet flying, though the string

no longer ties it to the ground.

I follow it with my eyes as long as our paths permit me a view.

I see the lush green glory of the inlands

The mahout bathing the elephant under a bridge,

in a river that is almost dry.

I fancy how it would have been if the river was flowing in full force

It would have been more real and satisfying for all,

including the elephant and me, the one just passing by.

It amuses me when I notice other passengers craning their necks,

trying to find out what has captured my attention and fail.

“Too late “, I silently tell them and smile inwardly;

a smile of accomplishment,

enjoying a privilege, others miss by their negligence

or wasteful preoccupations; paying dearly for it,

never realizing the worth of what they miss.

It is nothing but these pageants set up by life

that come to one’s help in times of utter solitude,

and suffering, bringing a smile of pure joy,

warming the heart, melting away sorrows and troubles.

The sights and sounds and experiences of life

transform travels into valuable investments.

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