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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

~ Malayalam poem by © Kalathara Gopan translated to Malayalam by © Minu Varghese
Hey washer-man,
would you wash
my mind clean?
It's soiled
with a lot of stains;
won’t suit
my body anymore.

It won't get
cleaned these days
despite numerous washes.
In the past
it was whiter than white
with a sparkling shine.
When you try to wash it,
it may cry out in
stubborn resistance
from soapy water
"don't wash me, please!"
Never mind.
And hey, listen -
if you find in
the pockets of memory
pangs of a forlorn love
lying hardened like ice,
ashes of desire
secured in a tight bundle,
failures huddled together
heaving sighs,
and hopes whining,
pretend ignorance.
When you beat it hard
on the rock, take care
not to tear even a
single thread of love.
Then dry it
in shade
without dipping
it in blue,
smooth out the creases,
press it well,
and bring it back soon.
Only then can I
introduce myself
the next morning
as a human being
and walk into the midst
of animals fearlessly.
അലക്ക് ~ കളത്തറ ഗോപന്‍