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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Walks that Make Us

Mounted on my hips,
your little arm across mine,
your little feet well clad in fine shoes,
never touching the ground,
you walk these idyllic paths,
watching the surroundings,
frequently asking questions,
listening to my explanations,
laughing at times ,
expressing dissatisfaction
at other times when my clarifications fail
to meet your expectations.
We walk together thus;
growing up together by the minute.
Our bond strengthening
conjoining thoughts and feelings.
Your weight is nothing to me,
it doesn’t bother at all.
My legs don’t tire.
You don’t get bored or exhausted.
We walk on and on, to the far end,
to return only because there are others
waiting for us at home.
It is these walks that make us.
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Jose Varghese said...

The best so far!

Minu said...

I am really glad you say so. Your opinion matters the most to me. The reason why the poem appears best of all my writing could be because there is someone talking through me in there. One precious soul who never regarded children a burden and always enjoyed being with them.