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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Cats

You lifted your head and looked steadily
into my eyes in a defensive, yet quizzical way.
I was confused for a moment
anxious, apprehensive, even a little upset as well,
seeing you there on the floor with the trio
struggling and sucking at you enthusiastically.

The rags left behind by the previous owner of the apartment
make a cosy mattress for your small family.
It took me less than a few seconds to fight back
the misgivings and apprehensions.
You are a cat, not an omen.
Your precious trio, mere kittens,
struggling for survival, not symbols of good or bad.
They embody nothing but the zest for life.
Childhood witnessed numerous kittens coming to life
during different times.
Always there were willing souls to adopt the kittens.
Times changed fast.
Cats no longer adorn our households.
Kittens, a sight of the remote past.
Childhood and memories come alive when here
in the first house I ever bought, a second hand apartment,
while renovation is still in progress, you decide to
give birth to your little ones who look entirely
different from each other.

One among them is a replica of you,
with the same colour combinations and designs.
Despite external differences, they appear united
in some mysterious way.
The way they cuddle and sleep or climb on you.

I was lost in thoughts when I awakened to the realization
that you no longer keep your head up.
You are at peace, resting your head on one of your paws
still keeping your eyes fixed on me,
but with a changed expression.
I understand and appreciate that
protective, vigilant stance.

You seem to regard me harmless,
but you don’t want to take any chance with me.
Well, rest assured, I will not harm you
But you will have to find a shelter
before the open balcony be closed,
and all works finished allowing me to move in
At last as the owner of the apartment.

I can't afford to take you in,
But I will not succumb to any nonsensical
interpretation that your gesture means this or that.
To me you represent life with all its pristine good
I don’t care for anything else
and earnestly wish that people stop
attempting weird interpretations
and contaminate the minds of others
with mean ideas incriminating innocent beings,
transforming them into omens or portends.
To me, you found the house I paid for,
a good place to start your family , in the holy week

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