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Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Wish Rekindled

Maple trees and snow

Fire and water

Images conjured up in the mind,

of a teenager, refusing to yield

to the purging effect of time.

A forest of identical trees,

turning into the colours of fire in autumn,

with the leaves becoming orange,

red, yellow and brown ,

resembling a forest on fire.

The deep seated desire to witness

that scene of profound beauty,

awe inspiring, mesmerizing,

inspired by the accidental reading

of part of an obituary wherein

a woman expressed her desire

to have her ashes strewn over

the maple trees in Kashmir valley

the land of celestial beauty

now turned into the land of strife

engendering fear and apprehension

as one plans a visit

narrow territorial issues

posing hindrance that nothing can override

The unfulfilled longing still tugs

at the strings of the heart

A visit to the nearby Jammu

has only set ablaze the desire

to step into snow and stroll through

the maple tree groves

Waffles with maple syrup is a delightful dish.

Maple sweets are yummy too.

The taste lingers and sets on a craving

to be amidst the trees and feel the fulfillment

of a wish, a dream, a fantasy.

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