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Monday, October 1, 2012

Words of Consolation

Contradictions are difficult to deal with –
they mess up life, blocking perception.
Sorting out inherent contradictions
in speech and situations and adopting
a clear stance is a tough task, but worth the try.

Often people try to pep up a person in suffering
with details of gross forms of suffering,
presenting elaborate descriptions and even
exaggerated versions of misery and misfortune
with a certain vulgar relish so despicable.

When words of this sort fail to offer comfort,
rejoice  in being different
from the lot who find peace,– what peace that is,
in comparisons and parallels.

A humane heart cannot find happiness
envisaging the suffering of others.
Suffering is integral to life.
One’s trials are one’s own.
One has to find one’s own ways to transcend them.

There is no consolation in comparison.
No point striking parallels.
No point searching out more troubled lives,
in order to bear with life's hard blows.

Words help for sure, but only if the thoughts
that shape them are noble.
Often we repeat the words we have heard many a time,
not realizing their potential to poison.

A sensitive mind turns words over and sees
what they imply and how they apply in real life.
Many a thoughtless verbal expression 
does more harm than any good.

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