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Saturday, October 27, 2012


Chaos and confusion.
Muffled groans deafening.
Sighs and screams mingle.
Fire and fumes subside.
Foul smell and ashes remain.

Soul captures the fire and immolates the self.
The inflamed spirit crushes up the body;
unbearable pain and angst,
endurance becomes impossible.

Pride melts, ego shatters,
pains reveal their horrid countenances,
helplessness team up with vulnerability,
strength and determination give way
to inertia and  incapacitation.

Picture courtesy:  http://heart-bytes.blogspot.in/

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Jose Varghese said...

Powerful response to the prompt. I loved the effect of this poem while I read it aloud. The second line, which didn't look so great at first, had a surprisingly grand effect when read aloud. Congrats! Keep writing.