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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Here I Come

The unexpected rain should not tarry me
I must reach before the bus arrives at the stop
she is sure to get drenched if the bus arrives
before I reach there with the umbrella.

I must run as fast I could and be there
waiting for her at the bus stop.
I care not if the new dress I was trying on
would get spoilt in the rain.
I run through the wet, slimy, country path,
splashing around the slurry , not caring the least.
My sole goal is to get her the shade of this umbrella.

There was no sign of any rain in the morning
or perhaps she forgot or might have deliberately
left it behind to reduce the luggage.

she has grown old and weak
she just drags herself every morning to work.
Knowing all this I can not bother about the dress
All I know is that I must get her the umbrella.

she would soon be at the head of this road.
Before she steps out of the bus, I should be there.
The rain just started the moment I stood
before the mirror to see how I look in the new gown.

I wanted to surprise mama when she steps in
but then the rain started and the umbrella caught my eye.
Now there is no tarrying even to change the gown.
Run I must and be there fast
Here I go, rain beat me if you can.
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