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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Wait

I have been waiting here
for quite a while now.
Why are you being so late?
I am not complaining but it is tedious you know.

Once you arrive we will resume the game.
Your dress is dry.
You can change into them once we finish the playing
and you have had your refreshing bath.

But how long will you take to arrive?
I am a bit impatient you see.
The dusk has come and still no sign of you
What is keeping you so late?

Don’t you know that I will be waiting for you
all day on this window sill,
never taking my eyes off the road?
Come home fast my dear.

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Heart-Bytes: The Sacred Heart College Blog said...
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Aswin Jose said...

Very good one. The cat sounds like a great companion for some lucky one. I like the way you transformed the place into a pleasant one through the cat's thoughts.

Minu said...

Thank you very much.It is certainly an observation which would help me in my attempts at creative writing.