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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Once Again

Snow renders a dismal look to the world
with Its typical way of covering up the ground.
The demarcations man has created:
roads, flowerbeds, all engulfed,
snow spreads and everywhere looks alike.

The season lasts and necessitates
innovative solutions to the
indiscriminatory levelling of the landscape.
Snow keeps falling, man loses his tracks.

The white blanket charms.
Snow is a coveted experience
to one who has never been there
where winter is a season in full glory.
I yearn to see the flakes which I have seen
only on the television or in movies
in still or moving pictures.

I have read about snowstorms.
I know it can be a bother,
but I yearn to see the fluffy snow flakes
flying and falling down,
settling down and hardening ,
transforming landscapes into an icescapes.

How would it feel to touch,
how would it feel to stand out there
and receive it like one receives the rain?

The appearance of the snow- covered earth ,
the winter picture, enchants.
The cold and the hassles are unknown;
they are not part of my fanciful realm.
I yearn for a proper winter and snow
as Christmas is round the corner once again.

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