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Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Way To Liberation

Numerous queries line up,
awaiting their turn to find a voice.
They wait eagerly to obtain a form
and come into existence.
I choke them down.

Each thought is weighed,
analyzed, and phrased.
No analysis yields satisfaction.
Phrasings fail.
I refuse to shape them.

They remain within me,
in due course retreating
far down the dark alleys of memory,
offering their space for posterity.
Sometimes emptiness fills in.
It is then that liberation sets in.


Image Courtesy: Creative Writing Ink, November 14th: http://creativewriting.ie/2011/11/14/november-14th-creative-writing-prompt-2/


Aswin Jose said...

A very good take on the prompt. I could imagine the girl in the rain mouthing these words...

Neni said...

beautiful poem... those 4 last lines rock!!! :)

CBCondez said...

Very nice! It's good that you shaped this one and gave it expression. Thank you for sharing. =D

MIKKA said...

Very nice poem! Wanda

Minu said...

Thanks a lot my friends for all the encouraging words.