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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Walk Away

Alone, gradually disappearing into the foggy future,
you evoke fathomless pain in my mortally wounded soul.
Tongue-tied and completely helpless,
I watch from behind the bars of my cage.

Why did you bring this on yourself and involve me in it?
Why did you choose to walk away alone?
I envision dark alleys where you will fumble and fall
but you leave me chained in my cage and walk away,
discarding the keys you perchance got possession of.

I do not  break the chains and run after you.
I would have grown wings and flown out 
through the bars of my cage
if I knew you would stop, turn around, and 
take me in your arms.

Watching you staggering away 
I stay back in induced silence, smothering anguish,
hoping you would come back
when memories help you recognize
my fidelity and steadfast devotion.

I wonder why with you memories do not work
the way it works with me: revitalizing and sustaining.
Sometimes I wonder if you have memories at all.
The concept of selective memory baffles me.

Curious how people seem to suppress memory
and live, creating a reality of their own, 
disjointed with the past.
Amazing how memory succumbs and stays recessive,
playing a game of chess with conscience 
while their deceptive hosts play farces.

You cast your eyes off when you know 
a sign could give me hope you would fail to fulfill.
At unguarded moments I see the tender longing 
you try the best not to let me notice.
I rely on my impression of you and await a reunion.

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