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Friday, January 11, 2013

Luck is a Problematic Word

Grappling with situations
that is what life is all about.
Full of surprises, struggles, and trials
Life amazes.
Perseverance, diligence,
strain, and toil
all go into it.

Rewards come entwined
in complications at times.
Luck is a problematic word.
The divide between the
lucky and the unlucky
results in unjustifiable torment.

Not realizing that luck keeps changing
its abodes, one feels instant stinging pain,
while the other gloats.
A terrible failure, a great disappointment
one unbearable tragedy, once branded
an instance of bad luck
sure makes one a bitter enemy of the word.

Hard work and perseverance
should win in the end.
Life is fair when justice rules.

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