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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lecturer, Beware.

Words pour forth in affected accent,
sentences begin but fail to end,
they go meandering, losing track
in labyrinthine word jungles.
Ideas play hide and seek.

Clarity and coherence sacrificed
in favour of theoretical jargon.
Mindless chanting of technical terms.
Mechanical speech, lacking logical sequencing.

Mere words bombard on the listeners' strained ears,
their spans of attention stretched beyond elasticity
suffer incessant tears.
The innumerable ‘hences’ ‘becauses’
‘et ceteras’ bundled with erroneous tag questions
and interspersed ambiguous expressions
end up revolting their linguistic sensibilities.
The lifeless word emission is proof
the speaker does not comprehend the speech.
Grave injustice it is to the hapless ones 
who look forward to learning from you.

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